ROLLEI 35 SE 35SE Sonnar 2,8/40 HFT 6 Volt

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ROLLEI 35 SE 35SE Sonnar 2,8/40 HFT 6 Volt One of the absolute classic timeless superbly... more
Product information "ROLLEI 35 SE 35SE Sonnar 2,8/40 HFT 6 Volt"

ROLLEI 35 SE 35SE Sonnar 2,8/40 HFT 6 Volt

One of the absolute classic timeless superbly designed cameras of the analog aera, the Rollei 35 series.

Perfectly manufactured with metal body, mechanic shutter, compact design, top performing Zeiss lens.

This camera series was a cooperation between 3 of the leading german manufacturers: Body and technique by Rollei (design by Heinz Waaske), lens by Carl Zeiss West Germany, lightmeter by Gossen.

One of Rolleis 2 biggest commercial exits ever, for good reasons. Collapsible ultrasharp Zeiss lens for flat dimensions for transport, filter mount for filters or lens shade. Apertures presectable until 22. Minimum focusing distance is 90cm. Fully mechanical shutter with speeds 1/2 to 1/500th + B; integrated lightmeter. Tripod mount, flash shoe and film counter on bottom; cable release thread in shutter release button.

Here the top-model Rollei 35-SE in chrome, with the fast aperture Zeiss Sonnar HFT 2,8/40.

Dream condition !

Filtermount E30,5. Lightmeter by diodes in finder.

To YOUR ADVANTAGE: Overwhauled at service-center and lightmeter changed to 6 volt for use of cheap and easily avalable modern battery (as you might know, the old original batteries 27PX with 5,6 Volt are not available any more since 2001, because of mercury). Saves you easily about 100-140 Euro against the "cheap" offers of other sellers with texts as "found in the garage" or "my grandpa has made fantastic pictures with it, but I have no idea of cameras, sorry" and similar texts...Where the usually necessary repairs are (in order of commonness): Sticky shutters from not using, defect lightmeters, missing or wrong body screws, leaked-out batteries. Plus well-hidden and not described dents on corners, and of course practically never modified to 6 Volt for modern battery use.

Camera is presently for the present service/modifying to 6 Volt in the service-center, and can be shipped from about 5th novembre on.



Whats included in delivery: Rollei 35-SE camera, original Rollei cap, original Rollei handstrap, fresh battery, original instructions, original case, fresh battery, somewhat damaged maker's box with half inlay
Working condition: 1 (to YOUR advantage just checked by service center, lightmeter switched to modern 6 volt battery
Condition of optical elements (lens glasses): 1
Condition cosmetically (outer condition): Camera in practically like new condition: AA; accessories please see pictures; also see pictures
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