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PANASONIC AG-DVC200 E DV AJ-VF10 Canon YH18x6.7 "This is the first DV formate integrated... more
Product information "PANASONIC AG-DVC200 E DV AJ-VF10 Canon YH18x6.7"


"This is the first DV formate integrated camera VCR, that supports standard cassettes. It combines the digital camera technology fostered by Broadcast equipment with the dependability of the DVCPRO mechanism. It has a compact size, light weight and low-power consumption.

Both its camera unit and VTR unit incorporate digital signal processing to achieve even greater improvements in picture quality and stability."

So far the introduction from the instructions booklet.

Fully professional somewhat older videocamera by Panasonic, with finder and lens.

Camera was bought new by a purely private amateur elder gentleman.

Hard to believe a professional broadcasting item like this beeing bought by an amateur, but he loved filming all his life...

Anton Bauer battery connector, so compatible for instance to Swit 8080 and others.
1/2 inch IT CCD, RGB 3-CCD system.

Camera takes DV standard cassettes (not DVCPRO cassettes or other).

According to the very little use it got from the elder gentleman, the camera and accessories are in only little used cosmetically top condition. BUT: The partial RUBBER coverages on body and lens are deteriorating due to age; so are STICKY and partly smearing.

Weight (only camera, without finder or lens or battery) about 3100 grams. So what the instructions says about "compact" and light weight" is RELATIVE, in a professional broadcasting camera, of course.

Included here is the professional viewfinder Panasonic AJ-VF10E, as well as professional Canon BCTV broadcasting zoom lens 18x optical zoom, model YH18x6.7 F1,4 6,7-212mm, with original lens shade and cap.

We could make a short test with a SWIT Li-Ion battery (NOT included here): Camera on/off, zoom, finder gose on.
Further or fully detailed tests we did NOT do with the camera.
So sale AS IS, means NO guarantee and NO returns accepted !!!

Here an ebay link for matching cassettes (other links we are not allowed to show, also 180 minute cassettes were produced):


An here a link, where the shown charger and battery would fit (many more different brands available):



Whats included in delivery: Camera with lens and lens hood and front cap, finder with microphone, instructions in German English Espanol Italiano Francais (NO battery, charger, or cassette included !)
Working condition: see text !
Condition of optical elements (lens glasses): 1
Condition cosmetically (outer condition): see pictures and text please / see pictures!!
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