RoadEyesCams RecTwin Dashcam black demo box like new

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RoadEyesCams RecTwin Dashcam black demo box like new Your black box for the car with a GPS... more
Product information "RoadEyesCams RecTwin Dashcam black demo box like new"

RoadEyesCams RecTwin Dashcam black demo box like new

Your black box for the car with a GPS chip and large display

5 MP with Full HD resolution
3" LC display for live view
Storage on 8 GB SDHC card
with infrared remote control
suction cups and stickers ( used !! )
Autosave - 30 seconds before and after an impact
(Integrated microphone)

This compact dash cam reliably records all car journeys and is therefore ideal for preserving evidence in the event of accidents. The recordings are made in high-quality Full HD with 1280 x 720 pixels at 30 fps and are stored on an 8 GB SDHC card. In addition, the recTWIN has a 3-inch display for live viewing.

Automatic recording
The recTWIN HD automatically and continuously records all your journeys. All you have to do is start it and your recTWIN HD will switch on! The recordings are stored in a loop on an SD card, delivered and pre-formatted. When the map is full, the old recorded routes are automatically overwritten by the current route. In this way, no data from the last journey is lost. The 30 seconds before and after a crash are stored in a secured folder.
Roadeyescams recPRO - Dashcam for cars-b Integrated GPS
You will love the integrated GPS function of the recTWIN HD: your vehicle can be geolocated anywhere and linked to Google Maps. With this sophisticated technology, you can also analyze a lot of vehicle data: GPS position, direction, average speed, distance traveled, travel times, etc.
Climate-resistant black box
The recTWIN HD is adapted to the climatic conditions of the vehicles, to low temperatures (-10°) and high temperatures (+70°). Mounted behind the windshield near the inner rearview mirror, the recTWIN HD is resistant to extreme temperatures thanks to its selected high-quality parts.
Roadeyescams recPRO - dashcam for cars-d motion sensor
The "G Shock Sensor" system records all vehicle movements: sudden accelerations, excessive braking, deep vehicle movements in curves. These elements provide details of an unforeseen event and allow analysis of an incident on the road. The recTWIN HD is therefore a real onboard black box that stores the video and movement data of your vehicle.
Roadeyescams recPRO - dashcam for the car-e wide-angle camera
The optics of the recTWIN HD offer a "wide-angle view" of 100°, so that a large area can be scanned. The sensors of the video system are also very sensitive and adapt to the visibility conditions of the road. In other words, the sensors adapt to high and low light levels as well as rapid changes in light conditions (e.g. at tunnel exits). They are also great for night vision.
Roadeyescams recPRO - dashcam for the car-f Integrated display
The recTWIN HD offers a practical display integrated in the device with a diagonal of 3''. This allows you to view your recordings from the car and, immediately after an unforeseen incident, review the events that just happened. With recTWIN HD you can save valuable time and easily question an accident.
Roadeyescams recTWIN - dashcam for the car-g speed limit alarm
The recTWIN HD has a speedometer, which automatically warns if the speed exceeds the permitted maximum speed while driving. Program a speed and stick to not exceeding it. Reduce the risk of accidents and avoid fines and fines!
Roadeyescams recPRO - Dashcam for cars-j Unique software
The recTWIN HD has RoadEyes road analysis software for your PC. It is supplied on a CD. With this software, you can look at your recordings again carefully and at your leisure on the computer and use them as evidence in the event of an accident.

Whats included in delivery: see pictures
Working condition: 1
Condition of optical elements (lens glasses): 1
Condition cosmetically (outer condition): A/ see pictures!!
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