Environment policy

An internet shop without packing materials ? Probably forever a dream…

Nevertheless, we undertake all efforts, to use as little plastic and as much recycable packing material as possible.

95% we use new recycable materials as cardboard, paper and flopak green recycable filling chips. 5% we take the used clean packing materials from shipments that reach US.

Since 2017 we put shipping documents as invoice and name card in sandwich paper bags, instead of plastic bags. Just the bubble foil seems still indispensable for safe packing; we all want the ordered products to reach you absolutely safe and in perfect condition, in the remotest countries.

If you want to help avoiding plastic ending up in the oceans: Keep our bubble foil and use it again !

And ask your local supermarket, to replace the thousands of plastic bags provided for fruit and vegetable by paper bags. Or bring your own paper bags, they are really inexpensive.