(Descriptions of abreviations)

Working condition:

1 = 100% working fine

2 = Partly not 100% functional

Condition optical elements:

1 = 100% unscratched lens elements, no cleaning marks, no fungus, no fog, little or no dust 2 = Not 100%, but absolutely NO effect on optical performance! 3 = The following problems

Cosmetical condition:

NN = New item according to strict german law

N = Still brand new and unused !!, but because of, for example, its age it cannot be declared as new item according to strict german law

AAA = Absolutely like new condition, no kind of marks of former use, no visible difference to brand new item

AA = Mint condition, very near new, practically no marks of use; only at MOST close inspection you might find microscopical handling marks

A = Nearest mint, only fewest and faintest marks of prior use findable

AAB = Lightest marks of use

AB = Only light marks of use

BBA = All around the barrel/body already light marks of use

BB = Light to normal marks of use

BC = Normal marks of use

C = Already normal marks of use all around body/barrel

D = Defective/heavy damages, as is for parts

A1 = SPECIAL CATEGORY only for items before ca. 1940 = Phantastic condition,much much better than usual for this item and age

B1 = SPECIAL CATEGORY only for items before ca. 1940 = Better than usual and better than according to age

C1 = SPECIAL CATEGORY only for items before ca. 1940 = Normal marks of use according to age


Conditions of filters

Cosmetic outer condition

A+ = Mint, like new

A = Top condition, few faintest marks

AB = light marks of use

B = normal marks of use, but still nice

C = Heavy marks of use, dent on filter mount or similar 


1 = 100% working correctly 

Condition of glass

1 = perfect glass

2 = Small faults without effect on optical performance, for instance very small scratch, small rim separation or similar

3 = Heavy faults, glass should to be exchanged