Payment / Dispatch

Your options for payment:

Cash Payment / Western Union

€ $ £ B

Cash payment in Airport, at our Frankfurt-Offenbach shop or by Western Union: 5% discount on your invoice amount. Cash we accept Euro, US-Dollar (bank confirmation necessary), British Pound and Thai Baht.

Please contact us for payment. We block the ordered goods for a maximum of 7 days.


SOFORT. Klarna.

Sofort. - Einfach, Schnell, Sicher

Direct transfer from your bank account by Klarna SOFORT, available in some countries in Europe, with your Pin and Tan or Photo-Tan.


Bank Wire / Bank Transfer


You can send your payment through bank wire; for intercontinental bank wires additional service can be used, as TransferWise. Your order will be shipped, as soon as payment has arrived. Please observe that possible bank charges on either side have to be taken over by the buyer.


SEPA and EU transfers

are free of any charges by law. In other cases, where bank charges have not been covered and have been deducted from the receiving amount, we will consider the arriving amount as part payment and hold shipment until full amount has arrived. You will see our bank data in the order confirmation, that we will send you by email after your check-out. Please clearly identify your payment by using your ordering name and the order number or similar. You can deduct 2% from your invoice for bank wire payment.


Paypal payment


through your paypal account.

Fastest payment method, shipment partly possible on same day. You can also pay with your credit card through paypal, without having a paypal account.


Shipping charges:

flagge-deutschland-flagge-rechteckig-18x30  Inner-German: 

1) Free standard shipping within Germany up to 20kg:

  We send parcel goods up to a gross shipping weight of 20kg as an insured parcel with GLS or DHL free of charge.
  (delivery time: 2 - 3 labour days)

2) Goods with a shipping weight of more than 20 kg only on request or

3) Free collection in our shop in Frankfurt-Offenbach by appointment (please note our Corona hygiene guidelines)


international  International:


Internationally, we only send goods that can be packaged up to a gross shipping weight of 20kg.

For express shipping or goods over 20 kg, we determine the shipping costs on request.

Bulky goods only for self-collection or independent organization of the transport



  • EU-countries up to 10 kg: 30 euros (delivery time 5 - 10 labour days)
  • EU-countries over 10 to 20 kg: 60 euros (delivery time 5 - 10 labour days)

  • Europe up to 10 kg: 45 euros (delivery time: 8 - 15 labour days)
  • Europe over 10 to 20 kg: 90 euros (delivery time: 8 - 15 labour days)

  • World up to 3 kg: 50 euros + Transport insurance 1.5% of the value of the goods
  • World over 3 to 8kg: 80 euros + Transport insurance 1.5% of the value of the goods
  • World over 8 to 20kg: 180 euros + Transport insurance 1.5% of the value of the goods
    (World delivery time actually: 10 - 60 labour days)


flight_sign_50  Optional International Airport Frankfurt:

All items can also be handed over at Frankfurt Airport Terminal 1 or 2, Monday to Friday 10.30 am to 5.30 pm. Cash payment or prior bank transfer/paypal payment. For this service we charge Euro 65. For orders over 5.000 Euro this service is free. For information contact manager at  

Cash payment in Airport, at our Frankfurt-Offenbach shop or by Western Union: 8% discount on your invoice amount. Cash we accept Euro, US-Dollar (bank confirmation necessary), 

Dear customers from EC (European Community) countries, you have to pay NO customs or taxes in your country when ordering from us.

So citizens of AUSTRIA, BELGIUM, BULGARIA, CYPRUS (except north part), CZECH REPUBLIC, DENMARK (except Färöer and Greenland), ESTVIA, FINLAND (except Alandin), FRANCE, GREECE (except Athos), HUNGARIA, ITALY (except Livigno), CORSE, CROATIA, LATVIA, LITUANIA, LUXEMBOURG, MADEIRA, MALTA, MONACO, NETHERLANDS, NORTHERN IRELAND, POLAND, PORTUGAL, ROMANIA, SWEDEN, SLOVAKIA, SLOVENIA, SPAIN (except Canary Islands/Ceuta/Melilla) will receive their orders FREE of any additional tax or customs charges !

Dear customers from the US (United States of America), due to new U.S. customs regulations, you can order now items from Germany for a value of up to 800 US-Dollars FREE of any customs charges. So shipments not exceeding a value of 800 US Dollars in total, will reach you FREE of any additional charges. You pay for item and shipment, and that' all !

Shipping zones:

Zone 1:

Belgien, Italien (außer Livigno, Campione d’Italia), Spanien incl. Balearen (ohne Kanarische Inseln, Ceuta und Melilla), Bulgarien, Dänemark (ohne Faröer Inseln und Grönland), Estland, Finnland (ohne Alandinseln), Frankreich (ohne Überseegebiete), Griechenland (außer Berg Athos), Großbritannien (außer Kanalinseln, Überseegebiete), Irland, Korsika, Kroatien, Litauen, Luxemburg, Madeira, Malta, Monaco, Niederlande (ohne außereuropäische Gebiete), Nordirland, Österreich, Polen, Portugal, Schweden, Slowakei, Slowenien, Tschechische Republik, Ungarn, Zypern (außer Nordteil) 

Zone 2:

Alandinseln (Finnland), Albanien, Andorra, Belarus, Berg Athos (Griechenland), Bosnien und Herzegowina, Ceuta und Melilla (Spanien), Faröer Inseln (Dänemark), Georgien, Gibraltar, Grönland (Dänemark), Island, Kanalinseln (Großbritannien), Kanarische Inseln (Spanien), Kosovo, Liechtenstein, Rumänien, Livigno und Campione d’Italia (Italien), Mazedonien, Moldau, Montenegro, Norwegen, Russische Föderation, San Marino, Schweiz, Serbien, Türkei, Ukraine ,Vatikanstadt, Zypern (Nordteil) 

Zone 3:

Ägypten, Armenien, Aserbaidschan, Israel (ohne Gaza und Khan Yunis), Jordanien, Kanada, Kasachstan, Libanon, Marokko, St. Pierre und Miquelon, Tunesien, USA 

Zone 4:

Anguilla, Antigua und Barbuda, Äquatorialguinea, Argentinien, Aruba, Ascension, Australien, Bahamas, Bahrain, Bangladesch, Barbados, Belize, Bermudas, Bhutan, Bolivien, Botswana, Brasilien, Brunei, Chile, Cook Inseln, Costa Rica, Dominica, Dominikanische Republik, Ecuador, El Salvador, Falklandinseln, Fidschi, Französisch Guayana und Polynesien, Grenada, Guadalupe, Guam, Guatemala, Guinea, Indien, Indonesien, Iran, Jamaika, Japan, Jungferninseln, Kaimaninseln, Kamboscha, Kap Verde, Katar, Kenia, Kirgisistan, Kolumbien, Komoren, Südkorea, Kuba, Kuwait, Laos, Makau, Madagascar, Malaysia, Malediven, Marshallinseln, Marinique, Mauritius, Mexico, Mikronesien, Mongolei, Namibia, Nepal, Neukaledonien, Neuseeland, Nicaragua, Niederländische Antillen, Nördliche Marianen, Oman , Panama, Papua-Neuguinea, Paraguay, Peru, Philippinen, Puerto Rico, Reunion, Salomonen, Samoa, Sao Tome und Principe, Saudiarabien, Seychellen, Singapur, Sri , Lanka, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Südafrika, Suriname, Tadschikistan, Tansania, Thailand, Trinidad und Tobago, Turkmenistan, Uruguay, Usbekistan, Venezuela, Vereinigte arabische Emirate, Vietnam 

Zone 5:

China P.R., Hongkong, Taiwan


Delivery terms:

All mentioned prices are final prices. With all due care, even a mistake goes away. Therefore, we reserve the right to deliver your order in case of errors, unacceptable price and product changes, as well as supply shortages of our suppliers. The estimated delivery times can be found in the product description. If no delivery time is specified, delivery will be made within 7 days (within Germany) - other countries differ.