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OLYMPUS OM Zuiko Shift 2,8/35 35mm 35 F2,8 adaptable EOS FX A7

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OLYMPUS OM Zuiko Shift 2,8/35 35mm 35 F2,8 adaptable EOS FX A7 At its time one of the most... more
Product information "OLYMPUS OM Zuiko Shift 2,8/35 35mm 35 F2,8 adaptable EOS FX A7"

OLYMPUS OM Zuiko Shift 2,8/35 35mm 35 F2,8 adaptable EOS FX A7

At its time one of the most interesting camera systems, the Olympus OM system.

The lenses combined extreme compactness with top optical and mechanical performance and first-class workmanship of the lenses metal mounts. The appealing design added to their popularity and the variety of different items and solutions available, including a macro/micro photography system without equalling competitors at that time and also a special section for medical and scientifical photography, made the system even more attractive.

The lens fits directly to all manually focused Olympus OM cameras. By OPTIONAL adapters it can be used perfectly fine, of course also in manual mode only, on: Sony A7, Canon EOS full formate.

HERE at offer the Olympus shift lens Zuiko 2,8/35mm.

Indispensable for professional architecture photography against falling lines.

Also very helpful to get your shadow out of pictures with sun from behind, or out of reflecting surfaces as mirrors in front of you.

Fourth possible use is panoramic pictures shifted right/left or up/down.

Shifting up to 10mm right left, and up to 12/13mm up/down.

Filter size is compact 49 mm and the closest focusing distance 30 cm. Aperture can be stopped down to 22 for higher depth-of-field if desired. Lens weight is 305 grams. Integrated stop-down button as with all OM lenses.



Whats included in delivery: Lens with 2 original caps and original lens pouch
Working condition: 1
Condition of optical elements (lens glasses): 1 (only minor micro dust inside, normal and no effect whatever on anything)
Condition cosmetically (outer condition): AB  / see pictures!!


Der Zustand ist in der Artikelbeschreibung angegeben. Bitte PRÜFEN Sie die Bilder und LESEN Sie die Zustandsbeschreibung vor Ihrer Bestellung ganz durch und kontaktieren uns bei Fragen oder Zweifeln.



Please CHECK with the pictures and READ the description completely, before ordering. Please CONTACT us in case of doubts or questions.

SVP regardez les photos et lisez le texte et demandez-nous, si vous n'etez pas sure.
Por favor mire las fotos atentamente y lea el texto; y pregunte, si tiene dudas.


  Zustand funktional
Working condition
1 100% funktional 100% working fine
2 In Teilbereichen nicht 100% funktionsfähig Partly not 100% functional
3 Defekt, für Werkstatt oder Teile As is, for repair or parts, NO return
  Zustand optische Elemente
Condition optical elements
1 100% keine Kratzerchen/Putzspuren, kein Fungus (Pilz), kein Dunst, minimal oder gar keine Stäubchen 100% unscratched lens elements, no cleaning marks, no fungus, no fog, little or no dust
2 nicht 100% aber absolut KEINE Einschränkung in optischer Leistung! Not 100%, but absolutely NO effect on optical performance!
3 Folgende wichtige Mängel, Leistung eingeschränkt The following problems, not full performance
  Zustand kosmetisch Cosmetical condition
N noch fabrikneu und unbenutzt, oder Lagerware, Demo, Insolvenz Still brand new and unused or old stock/insolvency or demo
AAA VÖLLIG neuwertiger Zustand, keinerlei Spuren vorherigen Gebrauchs, äußerlich kein Unterschied zu Neuware feststellbar Absolutely like new condition, no kind of marks of former use, no visible difference to brand new item
AA Praktisch Neuzustand, nur ganz Penible finden bei GENAUER Untersuchung minimalst Spuren, die den Artikel von Neuware unterscheiden Mint condition, very near new, practically no marks of use; only at MOST close inspection you might find microscopical handling marks
A Fast wie neu, nur minimalste Spuren vorherigen Gebrauchs Nearest mint, only fewest and faintest marks of prior use findable
AAB Minimale Gebrauchsspuren Lightest marks of use
AB Nur leichte Gebrauchsspuren Only light marks of use
B Leichte bis normale Gebrauchsspuren Light to normal marks of use
C Bereits normale Gebrauchsspuren Already normal marks of use
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